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goldendoodle breeder florida orlando This is a large dog, weighing around 50 90 lbs, that requires a lot of exercise, but has a wonderfully friendly and affectionate personality. The goldendoodle is also an intelligent creature, who takes instruction willingly but can get bored or obstinate if it doesn't receive an appropriate outlet for its energy. Thus, it is important to train your goldendoodle from an early age, and teach commands, such as a good recall, so that it can burn of energy running off leash but return to you on command. Mini Goldendoodle is such a loving and loyal dog. It is no wonder that everyone loves them. They also have the sense of smell, so they can be such an alarm for you and your family members if there is something strange.

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With healthy genetics, a wonderful disposition, and an adorable face, Abria is the perfect package.

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    We are premier breeders of home raised puppies.

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    Because the breed is relatively new there are no established “standards” for the breed.

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    You get an F1B generation Doodle when you cross breed a F1 Doodle with a Poodle.

    goldendoodles for sale in georgia