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goldendoodle puppies for sale in pa We cannot thank you, Chili and Rory enough for giving us this perfect baby boy!" "We really could not have been happier with the whole process of getting our puppy. This was our first time getting a puppy and really didn't know what to expect. You were all so friendly and gave us such great information. We were very relaxed with the entire process. Well, she did great on the way home. She adjusted very quickly in our home with three young children. She is about 45 pounds now at 8 months old, but looks much bigger with all her fur. When we take her out people always stop and comment on her beauty or to ask us what breed she is. She is really beautiful. Her behavior is amazing as well. She is gentle and loving.

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The only genetic diseases they can be prone to would be those shared by both parent breeds.

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    wherever we are, he is.

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    What an amazing blessing this is to everyone involved.

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    The color can be black, grey, chocolate, cream, gold, or multi color.

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